Intellectual Property And Contract Law With Danielle Fredericks

Intellectual Property and Contract Law with Danielle Fredericks

Today's guest is Danielle Fredericks, a Los Angeles-based attorney who provides legal services and education to independent artists and businesses through her firm ArtVenture Law. If you're unsure of how to protect your artwork and yourself, you'll definitely want to hear what she has to say. In This Episode, You’ll Learn… What Danielle did to survive the rigors of law school. Why every…

From Passions To Profits: Music Teacher’s Helper With Brandon Pearce

From Passions to Profits: Music Teacher’s Helper with Brandon Pearce

Today, we're traveling to Bali, Indonesia to chat with Brandon Pearce, a piano teacher turned computer programmer turned entrepreneur. Brandon is the creator and owner of Music Teacher's Helper, a web-based software management system that helps music teachers run their own music studios. Brandon started out by building Music Teacher's Helper for his own needs, but after realizing that there was a…

Leaps Of Faith: Saga Fest Iceland With Scott Shigeoka

Leaps of Faith: Saga Fest Iceland with Scott Shigeoka

Today's episode is a continuation of last week's conversations about festival startups. In Episode #3, we heard from David Koren, the Executive Producer of FIGMENT, a participatory arts festival that has been going strong in New York and around the U.S. since 2007. And now, we're going to hear from an arts entrepreneur who's journey as a festival producer has just begun. Scott Shigeoka…