Arts Entrepreneurs

This is kind of a long update, but there is a lot that I’d like to share today. In case you’re wondering, the podcast is returning soon — maybe even as soon as next week!

Collecting Stories

Last month I traveled to Iceland, Denmark, and D.C., mainly to attend Saga Fest, but also to conduct interviews with artists from all walks of life — painters, producers, theater actors, choreographers, etc. Everyone I spoke to had such inspiring things to say. I look forward to sharing their stories with you over the next few months.

I also started working on a few special episodes that follow arts entrepreneurs who are at critical junctures in their ventures. However, as a novice journalist and audio storyteller, it is difficult for me to produce stories of this nature. The learning curve is steep! I apologize for the delay, but I promise that there is some valuable content coming down the pipeline.

Finding Balance

I also want to inform you of a new page on this website. It’s a simple page — a resource for arts job boards across the U.S. (and elsewhere).

When I first launched Arts Entrepreneurs, I thought about including such a page, but I was hesitant to do so because I thought it would send mixed signals — as if promoting jobs opposed entrepreneurship.

Well, that was pretty naive of me and I now realize how one can benefit the other. Entrepreneurship takes a great deal of hard work, sacrifice, patience, and money. Having a job can help balance all four of those things.

If there is anything I’ve learned as an entrepreneur, it is to be adaptable — to have the smarts and guts to change direction when the pendulum swings.” — Philip Graulty

Over the past few weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is no longer sustainable for me continue as I have been — working full-time on my own ventures. It has been an incredible period of personal and professional growth, but I have reached a point of imbalance in my life and in order to stabilize, I need to recalibrate.

As one my best friends put it, “The pendulum is constantly swinging from side to side.” If there is anything I’ve learned as an entrepreneur, it is to be adaptable — to have the smarts and guts to change direction when the pendulum swings.

A Slight Return

So I’ve decided to re-enter the job force, and in doing so, I return with great excitement and enthusiasm, a more defined purpose, and a clearer vision of what I’d like to contribute to this world.

Today, as I was clicking through all of job boards I’ve bookmarked, I realized that compiling these links could be useful to other job seekers out there. Here they are. The page is a bit lean at the moment, but I am hoping that with the help of this collective, we can flush it out together.

While this may lead to more competition, the way I see it, the more entrepreneurially-minded people we get applying to these jobs in the first place, the better off our entire field will be.

Job Board