Brandon Pearce

Today, we’re traveling to Bali, Indonesia to chat with Brandon Pearce, a piano teacher turned computer programmer turned entrepreneur.

Brandon is the creator and owner of Music Teacher’s Helper, a web-based software management system that helps music teachers run their own music studios.

Brandon started out by building Music Teacher’s Helper for his own needs, but after realizing that there was a market for his software, he gave up teaching piano, quit his day job in tech support, and built an entire business around it.

Over the past eleven years, he has grown his company to the point where he and his family now have the freedom to live and travel anywhere in the world. And today, he shares with us how he managed to do that.

…Where passion or skill meets usefulness, a microbusiness built on freedom and value can thrive. — Chris Guillebeau

It’s an incredible story, but before you click play, I want to apologize up front for the audio quality. Our Skype connection was faulty and as a result, some of the interview was lost and other parts are difficult to understand, but I hope you’ll bare with it because what Brandon has to say about balancing business, passions, happiness and family is well worth hearing.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How Brandon combined his passions for music and computers into a thriving business.
  • Why Brandon decided to quit his job and pursue Music Teacher’s Helper full-time.
  • How Brandon managed to get his first customers.
  • The importance of getting user feedback early on (and often).
  • Brandon’s number one source for new customers.
  • How Brandon ended up scaling his business to the point where he could travel the world.
  • The importance of letting go and not micro-managing your team.
  • What happiness means to Brandon.
  • Brandon’s advice for first-time entrepreneurs.

Links and Resources

  • $100 Startup, Chris Guillebeau’s New York Times best-selling book.
  • Music Teacher’s Helper, receive 20% off your first month.
  • Studio Helper, Brandon’s web-based management software for studio’s with multiple teachers.
  • Groove Piano, Brandon’s latest venture, a carry-on friendly digital piano.
  • Pearce on Earth, Brandon’s personal blog about business, travel and lifestyle.

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Image: Brandon Pearce / Pearce on Earth